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The union movement works best when all members are included and participate.

Welcome to The IAM Local Lodge 1726 website!

We encourage ALL our members to participate in LL1726. The union movement is at its strongest when built from the bottom up, with rank and file engagement.

Yours in solidarity, The Executive Board of IAM LL1726
IAMAW Local 1726
830 Saratoga Street
East Boston, MA 02128

Election Results For DL141 Convention Delegates, 2016

The Delegates elected to represent Local 1726 the DL 141 Convention in October are:

Mike Bucci – UAL

Ed Walsh – USAir/AA

Mike D’India – UAL

Jamie Wells – UAL

Fernando Vasquez – USAir/AA

Nick Parker – UAL

Bob Bennett – UAL

Also in attendance from Local 1726 as Board Members and Negotiating Team Members of DL 141 are:

Steve Miller – AGC Elect – USAir/AA

Cristina Odoardi – Trustee Elect – UAL

Rodney Walker – Negotiating Team – USAir/AA


This ensures that the Members of Local 1726 are well represented at every level. Thanks to ALL whom participated in the election process and for everyone’s support.


The Executive Board of Local 1726!