Rich Delaney United Airlines Update 1/30/13

Rich Delaney, January 30, 2012­—The slow pace of negotiations continued this past week, with little meaningful or positive movement on the key issues we have mentioned in previous updates. The essential component of job security is still under discussion and has made it difficult to move to other important issues until it is more defined.
A significant issue that is connected with overall job security is seniority integration. The fair combining of the several seniority lists is critical to finalizing the full integration of our membership. It is the issue that impacts every member and their futures. Since it is a subject that will be resolved only once and will not be a topic of negotiations in the future, unless an additional merger is entered into by United, it is important that the integration be done as fairly and equitably as possible, following the applicable laws and internal policies of our Union. In order to most fully assure all members that this process will be conducted in an unbiased but legally correct manner we have entered into an agreement with the company outlining the process to be followed. Continue reading “Rich Delaney United Airlines Update 1/30/13”

USAir – AA Announce Back Room Deal


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US Airways, American Airlines Announce Back-Room Deal

January 28, 2013–US Airways and American Airlines today announced an agreement for American Airlines’ Mechanics and Related, Fleet Service, Materials and Logistics Specialists, Fleet Simulator Technicians, Ground School and Simulator Instructors, Maintenance Control Technicians and Dispatchers in the event the two carriers merge. The agreement calls for a 4.3 percent raise and defines processes for other transition related issues. Continue reading “USAir – AA Announce Back Room Deal”

New Local 1726 Team


During the regular monthly meeting held on January 8, 2013 the new Leadership team for the Local was installed.

Mike Bucci – President
Jamie Wells – Vice President
Mike D’India – Recording Secretary
Bob Bennett – Financial Secretary
TBA – Conductor Sentinel
Bob Prada – Trustee
Rouleen Williams – Trustee
Ed Reilly – Trustee

The new officers are dedicated to the members of the Local. Our goals are to be inclusive with all members, to provide accurate and timely communication to members, to provide resources and education for members in Steward positions, to ensure the standards of the IAM are met, and to provide a Local Lodge atmosphere that members can be proud of.