2/13/2013 Tentative Agreement for UAL

Rich Delaney—Download Today, February 13, 2013, District 141 and United Airlines are announcing we have reached a tentative agreement of labor contracts that will improve the lives of our 30,000 members and their families.

This has been a long and difficult process for our membership as we have worked towards bringing together, under single contracts, the employees of two historic airlines into an even larger and more history-making carrier. The obstacles that have slowed us down over the past four years have been overcome. The future, for our airline and, more importantly, for our membership, is brighter today as a result of these agreements.

The concerns and goals of our members guided our negotiating team through this entire process, and we believe we now have addressed them. Our members now have employment security unmatched in the industry. We have achieved total compensation that is the best in the industry, and rewards them for their past work and sacrifice in the service of their airline. We have stabilized and improved the health care coverage and cost structure for our members and their families for the present day as well as the future. And we have improved pensions so that our members may retire with the security and dignity they have earned and deserve. Our agreement for an early out opportunity will allow members to transition into life after United with comfort and confidence.

None of this came easy. It is the result of dedicated work by the members of our negotiating teams, the focused assistance of the National Mediation Board, the support and guidance of our International’s Transportation Department and General Vice President Sito Pantoja, Airline Coordinator Tom Brickner, and the tireless work of Grand Lodge Representative Ira Levy. These tentative agreements again prove that collective bargaining is the best business practice for creating, maintaining, and improving the relationship between a company and its employees.

Detailed information regarding these agreements is being assembled and will be shared with our members as quickly as possible. Information will be available on our website within days and we will begin the process of explanation and ratification in the coming weeks.

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