UAL TA Update 2/16/2013

Click to access 021613.pdf

RICH DELANEY, FEBRUARY 16, 2013—Our recent announcement of reaching a tentative agreement with United Airlines has proven to be welcomed news by our members.
Although we have only been able to release limited information at this time, our membership has viewed the announcement as the end of the long waiting period for a settlement.
The focus now is to present the full and complete information regarding what is contained in our tentative agreement for a full review of members. The current process we are completing is the proofreading and printing of all materials, not only highlight sheets, for distribution and expla- nation. We expect this to be completed no later than midweek. At that time we will have a dedicated webpage that can be accessed through our District website,, which will provide information about the contract, provide schedules of planned explanation meetings, an interactive way to ask and receive answers to contract provision questions, and an outline of the voting process we will use for the membership ratification vote.<a
Due to the scope of this ratification, and the fact that a significant number of voters are not cur- rently IAM members and therefore have not been assigned to local lodges, we have requested and received dispensation of IAM Constitutional requirements that will allow District 141 to conduct this ratification vote through the use of mail balloting.
Special information meetings are being scheduled for next week to present the new agreement to Grievance Committee Chairs and Committee representatives for stations that do not have Chairs. These meetings will be held in Chicago no later than Thursday, February 21. Additional information meetings will be scheduled in specific stations over the course of the next few weeks to present the information to all members.
Prior to voting on this agreement members will receive a copy of the full agreement at their home through the mail. There will be ample time given for each member to read, evaluate, and question what this new agreement means to them before casting their vote.

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