UAL – Delaney Update 3/28/2013

Rich Delaney, March 28, 2013—Download During the last week prior to the counting of ballots for ratification/rejection of the United tentative agreement and strike vote information meetings continued throughout the system answering members questions. Concerns regarding employment security, wage increases, and insurance costs continued to be the areas of greatest confusion and questions.
The focus of the past week has been to insure that eligible voters received the proper information and ballots in a timely manner. Ballots were mailed to each eligible’s last known address, as provided by the company. This was done in recognition that many employees are not currently members of the IAM and therefore we do not have any contact information for them. What has come to light is that some employees have not kept the company up to date as to their current addresses and therefore did not receive voting packages at their new address.
Member/tellers from across the system will be coming to Chicago this Monday to begin the process of determining eligibility and counting the ballots received to determine the outcome of the ratification.
As is noted on another page of the District website, each contract will be counted separately and the determination of each contract will be made based on that count. In the case of the separate Ramp and Stores contracts, in the event of ratification, those counts will be combined since a rejection of the contracts would result in the continuation of the current Ramp & Stores Agreement.
The counting process is expected to last a majority of the week as ballots legitimately postmarked March 25th will be counted when they arrive.
In accordance with the seniority integration protocol agreement, Arbitrator Javits conducted two days of hearings this past week, in preparation of making his determination. Witness testimony was presented by both s-UA and s-CO employees regarding issues unique to each group and their accrual and use of seniority. Arbitrator Javits informed the witnesses that he considered the hearings “fact finding” opportunities and gave all parties full opportunity to present their issues and arguments. Mr. Javits has requested additional documentation from United – through the IAM – outlining current and past seniority lists. Additional discussion with the outside counsel hired to manage the process is expected next week and Mr. Javits’ ruling is expected in mid-April. After publishing his determined integrated lists, individuals will have 60 days in which to review and challenge their position on the list directly to Mr. Javits. Members are encouraged to review the memo from Mr. Javits that is posted on the District’s website for contact information.