USAIR Update 4/27/2013 – Seniority & Negotiations

Rich Delaney, April 27, 2013: Seniority Integration — Download Representatives of the IAM, TWU, USAirways, and American Airlines have finalized an agreement regarding the critical issue of seniority protection and integration, in the event of a successful merger.
General Vice President Sito Pantoja, after consultation with both District 141 and District 142 Negotiating Teams, has signed the agreement that provides for date of entry based integration for all classifications represented by the IAM. This agreement is consistent with the existing IAM/USAirways contracts.
This agreement will allow contract negotiations to focus on the other remaining significant areas of wage and benefit improvements when we meet with the company in the coming weeks.

Rich Delaney, April 27, 2013: Negotiation Update ­— Download Negotiations between District 141 and USAirways resumed this past week, in Washington, D.C. Federal mediator, Andy Nordgren, assisted in the face to face discussions. General Vice President Sito Pantoja attended a portion of the negotiations also.
The negotiations focused on the continuation of the economic discussions that have been previously held, with little movement by either side from the positions we have already established.
The immediate concern of our Negotiating Team was the job security of our members. As called for under our current contract, the company has conducted the annual review of flight activity for the system. This review showed that several stations have fallen below the threshold number of departures and therefore are at risk of having mainline work contracted out to vendors, effecting the job security of Fleetservice members in those stations. Discussions between the parties has resulted in an interim agreement and understanding that protects the scope of work of IAM members. The company has agreed that no station, especially those that have now fallen below the threshold, will be contracted out as long as a mainline operation is maintained at a minimum of 7 flights per week. This agreement will now allow us to negotiate the critical issues of wages and benefits without the threat of loss of employment for any members due to contracting out of work. This understanding is in place during this round of negotiations but, if an agreement is not possible, will be subject to review in April 2014 when the next annual activity review will be held.
Although progress in other areas was slow the need to continue negotiations was agreed to by all parties. We have committed to meet in early May and in early June to move these talks to conclusion. The planned merger with American Airlines appears to be on track to finalization in the early fall of this year so the more opportunities we have, the better it will be for our members. We intend to use these next sessions to press our proposals of meaningful wage increases that recognize not only that the combined airline will become the largest – and potentially the most profitable – airline in the world, but also recognize that USAirways has become a self-sustaining profitable airline by itself. This profitability is made possible by the hard work and previous sacrifices of our membership. This profitability exists with or without a future merger. We will continue to work towards resolving our ongoing concern of seniority protection, in the event of a successful merger. This issue has been an ongoing topic of negotiations and must be completed so our members are secure and we can move to other subjects.

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