DL 141 Update 7/8/13 UAL Outsourcing

Letter from United Airlines of their intent to contract out six stations: July 08, 2013

Rich Delaney, July 08, 2013: Download

This morning, Monday, July 8, 2013, United Airlines notified District 141 of their intent to contract out the remaining work in six stations – CVG, GRR, ALB, ROC, MDT, and TUS. They notified us that employee meetings will be conducted over the course of the next week to inform the members in these stations as to the current status of the decision making and the potential for discussion with the IAM to find alternatives to outsourcing CSR work in these line stations or negotiate the effect of such contracting out on the 225 members impacted by this potential decision.

The company cited their right to make these decisions under the current UAL/IAM Public Contact Employee Agreement – Article II, Paragraph C, 5 – that permits some contracting out even in the face of furloughs but requires the company to meet with the IAM to discuss and negotiate the impact on members. This is the same contract language that was tested several years ago in arbitration over the establishment of the “D” position in lobbies using vendors instead of IAM-represented United employees. All of the affected stations are former s-UA stations staffed by Customer Service Representatives and does not affect any s-CO employees as these stations had been fully contracted out years before IAM representation began. As called for under the current agreement, we will meet with the company promptly to begin the discussion process. We are scheduled to begin these talks on July 16, in conjunction with the return to collective bargaining for a replacement agreement.

We have already responded to the company and challenged their right to contract out the work in question and displace the members involved and will pursue any and all options to keep these stations viable and secure for the future.

As we have noted in messages over the past years, job security is the main focus of our negotiations. Some of the provisions of the recently rejected tentative agreement addressed this situation and provided alternatives or options for employees such as an Early Out Program and enhanced severance pay. While those specific provisions are not currently in place due to the rejection of the overall tentative agreement, we intend to aggressively return to these subjects, along with other job security topics, to provide our members with the most complete job protection possible.

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