USAir Mechanic & Related Update 6/21/13

Click to access USA_2013_MandR-66.pdf

June 21, 2013

Our last negotiation meeting was May 3, 2013 in Houston, Texas. The National Mediation Board (NMB) Mediator Walter Darr has not scheduled any future negotiations at this time.
As you are aware this coming July 1st you will receive a 3% base rate of pay increase. This will be the
second 3% base rate of pay increase since the amenable date of the current Collective Bargaining
Agreement (CBA). These increases are outlined in Article 23 and while such a clause is not common
in the airline industry this is the second time the IAM has negotiated such a provision into your

The issues that remain open in these negotiations are mainly economic and deal with rates of pay; pension increase(s); license premiums; vacation accrual and sick time usage to name a few.
The Company’s last proposal incorporated the current July 1st pay increase into their proposal which in
effect equated to a 1% pay raise for the next two years. Their package proposal either ignored most of
the other economic issues or made proposals which were not acceptable. Including the base rate of pay
increase mentioned above, they proposed 10 cents per hour License Pay increase, NO increase in Pension contributions and NO improvement to Sick Time Accrual or Payout.
We have proposed increases in Wages and License Pay that would equal a 10% increase (which includes the July 1st base rate of pay increase) for a shift 1 Licensed Mechanic. This proposal would be a short term “Stand Alone” rate that would be in effect until the joint Contract is reached with the “New American Airlines”. This wage proposal does not include other increases we are proposing in Pension, Sick Time Accrual, Sick Time Payout and Vacation.

While we are confident a long term contract with the world’s largest airline will enable us to achieve
an industry leading contract, a short term agreement with a profitable but smaller U S Airways will fill
the gap until the merger is completed and a Joint CBA can be negotiated. Unfortunately, because of the actions of the Teamsters, the company and even the NMB have seemed to adopt a wait and see approach during this representation election process. This interference has interrupted the negotiation process but most importantly, delayed future pay and benefit increases for you. This teamster tactic has benefited only one party, the company.
We remain ready to meet with the company and NMB at any time to conclude these negotiations after which we would immediately begin to prepare for our joint collective bargaining with the “New American” when that time comes.
Don’t let rumors, misleading statements or in some cases outright lies by the teamsters distract you
from what is in the best interest for you and your family. The IAM has already secured your Seniority
and your Pension at the “New American” with our Alliance with the TWU. Now it is time to get through this election, conclude a fair and equitable agreement with U S Airways and proceed to get our
rightful fair share of the Bigger PIE at the “New American Airlines.
Fraternally yours,
Tom Higginbotham
President & Directing
General Chair

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