USAir Update 7/12/2013

US Airways Update:

US Airways announced this week that their shareholders had endorsed the proposed merger with American Airlines. This is one of the final steps necessary to complete the merger. Approval must still be given by the governmental agencies responsible for the oversight of mergers.

Voting among the Mechanic and Related classifications of US Airways for representational rights between the IAM and IBT began this week. As is the procedure followed by the National Mediation Board individual voter identification information was mailed to eligible voters and has begun to be received at each person’s home. By the determination of the NMB, members of District 141, performing work recognized under the representational dispute, are considered eligible and will receive their voting instructions also. We encourage all eligible District 141 members to participate in this election and support the IAM and our brothers and sisters in District 142. Experience has shown us that every vote is important and affects the results. The futures of IAM members at US Airways, regardless of classification, will be impacted by this vote. The strength of our recently announced alliance with the TWU in a post-merger American Airlines and its impact on collective bargaining are at risk. Please participate in this vote if you receive voting instructions and encourage all US Airways eligibles to vote too.

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