**Meeting Time Change**

Beginning with the Sept 10, 2013 meeting, the meeting times have changed. They will be as such;

The 2nd Tuesday of each month at 2:00PM (1400 hrs)
The 4th Tuesday of each month at 10:00AM (1000 hrs)

The times were changed to closely match shift times for many members so they can attend either after or before their shifts.

USAir Mechanic and Related 8/12/2013

With the representation question now resolved as announced by the National Mediation Board earlier today, it is time to resume negotiations. The wait and see excuse has now passed. Negotiations need to be successfully concluded for both the Mechanic and Related and the Maintenance Training Specialists. I have contacted both Mediator Walter Darr and U S Airways Vice President Labor Relations Al Hemenway insisting negotiations resume immediately.

You will be advised as future developments occur.

Fraternally yours,
Tom Higginbotham
President & Directing General Chair

District 142 British Update

The Employee Negotiating Committee and the Company met on July 22nd – 24th with NMB mediator John Livingood.
We continued discussions around Customer Service staffing provisions, the Company’s proposed outsourcing of the eight stations and the JFK baggage room and the closure of the Customer Relations unit. We also reached tentative agreements on three proposals concerning uniform allowances, the size of the IAM negotiating committee and the Chairperson of the Shop Stewards working arrangements. We also discussed some of the Company’s engineering proposals.
We had discussions concerning reducing full-time minimum staffing levels at stations, through attrition, that align with operational flight schedules. Significant gaps remain between our positions on the system-wide part-time to full-time ratio, outsourcing of eight locations, the JFK baggage room and Customer Relations and the Company’s proposals on your reducing your hard earned wage rate by 20%. Continue reading “District 142 British Update”

Machinists Union Presses for Contracts at US Airways Amid Merger Uncertainty



August 13, 2013–The Department of Justice (DOJ) and six state attorneys general today filed suit to block the proposed merger of US Airways and American Airlines.

“This is the exact reason why we have continually demanded US Airways negotiate a fair contract with IAM members before any merger related issues are discussed,” said General Vice President Sito Pantoja. “ It’s time US Airways stop playing games and sign new contracts with IAM members that are reflective of the record profits at the airline.”

“Because of the size of the airline industry, if this merger were approved, even a small increase in the price of airline tickets, checked bags, of flight change fees would cause hundreds of millions of dollars of harm to American consumers annually,” stated the lawsuit filed today in Washington D.C.

“Nothing changes for the IAM,” said IAM District 142 President Tom Higginbotham. “With or without this merger US Airways needs to immediately get back to the table and negotiate agreements that IAM members want, need and deserve or the National Mediation Board (NMB) should release us to strike.” Continue reading “Machinists Union Presses for Contracts at US Airways Amid Merger Uncertainty”

IAM Wins Representation Election at USAir for Mechanics and Related


IAM Wins Mechanic and Related Election at US Airways
August 12, 2013–The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) today defeated the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) in a representation election for Mechanic and Related workers at US Airways.

August 12, 2013– In a contest overseen by the National Mediation Board (NMB), the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) today soundly defeated the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) in an election to represent nearly 4,600 Mechanic and Related employees at US Airways. The IAM received 1903 votes, or 58 percent of all votes cast in the five-week election, while the IBT received 1418 votes, less than 43 percent.

“This victory marks an important milestone for the Mechanic and Related group at US Airways,” said IAM Transportation Vice President Sito Pantoja. “By voting for the Machinists Union our members safeguarded their pensions and seniority heading into the merger with American Airlines while rejecting the empty promises of an organization with a history of corruption.”
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US Airways Representation Vote for Maintenance and Related

There is one week left in the representational election at US Airways involving the Maintenance and Related classifications. The election is between the IAM, that currently represents these employees, and the IBT, which is following their practice of raiding existing organized groups rather than trying to expand the level of unionization through true organizing. The IBT is also trying to raid the TWU-represented mechanics of American Airlines and most believe the US Airways election is part of their strategy for post merger AA. The TWU has claimed that the IBT engaged in illegal practices by forging the signatures of furloughed employees and have challenged their right to call for an election through the National Mediation Board. The IAM, this week, wrote to the NMB seeking an investigation into the IBT’s activities leading to the election at US Airways on the same grounds. Since a current IBT organizer has admitted to the NMB that he/she forged at least 1,500 authorization cards for people he/she had never seen or spoken to the IAM is requesting the NMB review the authorization cards submitted in the US Airways election. There are over 400 furloughed Airways mechanic and related employees that are no longer at their last known address and the IAM has not been able to contact them. If the IBT has submitted their signatures on authorization cards they should at least have to explain how they were collected.

United Negotiations

United Negotiations
Negotiations resume this coming week. It is our intention to meet with the company to determine if the parties can reach a new agreement in a timely manner. As we have noted before, the IAM has told the company that some key areas must be revised from the previous tentative agreement – wage improvement (including retroactive increases for all members), job security, insurance improvement, and language issues – if a new agreement is to be reached. The results of the current survey will identify other concerns of members but if these critical areas cannot be agreed to then an overall agreement will not be possible. We are hopeful that through our discussions in the next two weeks we will see the opportunity for settlement in the near future.
United Airlines notified us this week that Aetna would be taking over the administration of all PPO insurance programs. Member currently covered by Blue Cross/Blue Shield or United Healthcare PPO will now need to make sure their doctors and hospitals are part of the Aetna network. The company claims 95% of current BC/BS and United Healthcare physicians are already in the Aetna network. Since United is self insured the IAM’s concern is to make sure that the contractually required coverage is maintained and that premium costs do not exceed the contractual cap. The information provided by the company thus far has shown that those requirements are being met by this administration change. This change applies to PPO coverage and does not effect HMO options that members may have selected.
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United Update 8/1/2013

Stop Outsourcing

Members continue to protest outsourcing of work across the country and in IAH this past week over 400 hundred IAM members came together to show their support for their fellow members affected by United Airlines decision to outsource work in TUS, CVG, GRR, MDT, ALB, and ROC. The peaceful, but lively demonstration showed the travelling public entering the airport the solidarity of IAM members and our commitment to each other. The officers and committee members of Local Lodge 811 made sure our message was delivered without incident but with passion. The participation from all levels of our Union – International, District, and Local – showed the unity and focus of the IAM, especially regarding the outsourcing of our jobs. We thank all the members for their solidarity and a special thanks to everyone who stood in the summer heat of Houston to support each other and their Union.

United Survey System

Members began receiving informational post cards this past week concerning the survey process now in place. Individuals have already logged in to the secured website, using their member ID and temporary PIN identification numbers, and participated in the initial survey. The results of the survey will be forwarded, on an ongoing basis, to our Negotiating Team to provide feedback and opinion on the many components of our contracts. This process of soliciting members’ opinions and ideas on issues will be an ongoing thing and will continue beyond negotiations. We ask all eligible members to take the time to participate in the survey, as the results of the survey will form the positions of our Union going forward.

Bad or No Address Survey Process

District Lodge 141 prior to mailing the Survey Post Card, ran our mailing list through address program provided by the US Post Office, it disclosed over 900 undeliverable addresses. The New United has not provided the District with an accurate employee address list for Sub CO. If you wish to take the survey please E-Mail your information to survey@iam141.org and we will verify and supply you with the information you will need to participate.