United Update 8/1/2013

Stop Outsourcing

Members continue to protest outsourcing of work across the country and in IAH this past week over 400 hundred IAM members came together to show their support for their fellow members affected by United Airlines decision to outsource work in TUS, CVG, GRR, MDT, ALB, and ROC. The peaceful, but lively demonstration showed the travelling public entering the airport the solidarity of IAM members and our commitment to each other. The officers and committee members of Local Lodge 811 made sure our message was delivered without incident but with passion. The participation from all levels of our Union – International, District, and Local – showed the unity and focus of the IAM, especially regarding the outsourcing of our jobs. We thank all the members for their solidarity and a special thanks to everyone who stood in the summer heat of Houston to support each other and their Union.

United Survey System

Members began receiving informational post cards this past week concerning the survey process now in place. Individuals have already logged in to the secured website, using their member ID and temporary PIN identification numbers, and participated in the initial survey. The results of the survey will be forwarded, on an ongoing basis, to our Negotiating Team to provide feedback and opinion on the many components of our contracts. This process of soliciting members’ opinions and ideas on issues will be an ongoing thing and will continue beyond negotiations. We ask all eligible members to take the time to participate in the survey, as the results of the survey will form the positions of our Union going forward.

Bad or No Address Survey Process

District Lodge 141 prior to mailing the Survey Post Card, ran our mailing list through address program provided by the US Post Office, it disclosed over 900 undeliverable addresses. The New United has not provided the District with an accurate employee address list for Sub CO. If you wish to take the survey please E-Mail your information to survey@iam141.org and we will verify and supply you with the information you will need to participate.

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