US Airways Representation Vote for Maintenance and Related

There is one week left in the representational election at US Airways involving the Maintenance and Related classifications. The election is between the IAM, that currently represents these employees, and the IBT, which is following their practice of raiding existing organized groups rather than trying to expand the level of unionization through true organizing. The IBT is also trying to raid the TWU-represented mechanics of American Airlines and most believe the US Airways election is part of their strategy for post merger AA. The TWU has claimed that the IBT engaged in illegal practices by forging the signatures of furloughed employees and have challenged their right to call for an election through the National Mediation Board. The IAM, this week, wrote to the NMB seeking an investigation into the IBT’s activities leading to the election at US Airways on the same grounds. Since a current IBT organizer has admitted to the NMB that he/she forged at least 1,500 authorization cards for people he/she had never seen or spoken to the IAM is requesting the NMB review the authorization cards submitted in the US Airways election. There are over 400 furloughed Airways mechanic and related employees that are no longer at their last known address and the IAM has not been able to contact them. If the IBT has submitted their signatures on authorization cards they should at least have to explain how they were collected.

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