District 142 British Update

The Employee Negotiating Committee and the Company met on July 22nd – 24th with NMB mediator John Livingood.
We continued discussions around Customer Service staffing provisions, the Company’s proposed outsourcing of the eight stations and the JFK baggage room and the closure of the Customer Relations unit. We also reached tentative agreements on three proposals concerning uniform allowances, the size of the IAM negotiating committee and the Chairperson of the Shop Stewards working arrangements. We also discussed some of the Company’s engineering proposals.
We had discussions concerning reducing full-time minimum staffing levels at stations, through attrition, that align with operational flight schedules. Significant gaps remain between our positions on the system-wide part-time to full-time ratio, outsourcing of eight locations, the JFK baggage room and Customer Relations and the Company’s proposals on your reducing your hard earned wage rate by 20%.
We also have a major difference on our positions concerning your seniority as it pertains to the system- wide integrated seniority list and how any future lay-off or reduction in jobs would take place. This includes the Company’s desire to reduce full-time staffing should there be a change in a third party airline schedule or the loss of a third party airline contract without having to abide by the integrated seniority list.
The union provided counter proposals to the company’s proposed outsourcing of the 8 stations, the baggage room, and the closure of the Customer Relations unit. The company will respond to these proposals the next time we meet. The Union remains willing to explore alternatives but any solution must ensure that your hard earned benefits and pay are protected.
Scheduled dates for future negotiations are Aug 13, 14 and 15 and October 2, 3 and 4. Due to a scheduling conflict the union had to cancel the dates originally scheduled for September 4th, 5th and 6th.
Sincerely and fraternally, Michael Manzo Michael Manzo General Chairperson
John Reisert Reggie Gauthier Harvey Berman Negotiation Committee Members

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