Letter From the President of Local 1726

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
As you are aware, the preliminary election for Mayor of Boston is scheduled for Tuesday September 24th. In a previous communication we informed you that our union has endorsed Martin Walsh based on his background as a union member and officer, as well as his tremendous record for working families as our champion on Beacon Hill as a member of the State House of Representatives.
As the campaign enters the final few weeks Martin Walsh has emerged as a leading contender and some people don’t like it. The Boston media and the business community are up in arms over the chance that a union member could be the next Mayor of Boston. They are making a huge issue about the support Martin Walsh is receiving from organized labor but have little or nothing to say about the business interests, school reformers and attorneys who are all backing various candidates in the race.

At the same time they’ve ignored his many contributions to working men and women in this city. From his support for raising the minimum wage, to guaranteeing PLAs and prevailing wages on our largest building projects, to his commitment to protecting good jobs, there is no question that Marty Walsh will watch out for Boston workers.

This isn’t right and it isn’t fair. Turnout is expected to be low in the September 24th election. You and your families’ votes will decide the election, not the newspaper columnists and business leaders who live in Boston’s upscale suburbs.

We have a real opportunity to elect a working family champion as mayor of Boston. How you vote is a personal decision, but we urge you to turn out to vote and to consider Martin Walsh, who will put the interests of Boston’s working families first.

In Solidarity,

Mike Bucci
President IAMAW Local Lodge 1726

9-11 Memorial


IAM Local 1726 Members participate in a memorial remembering those lost on 9-11-2001

Left to right
Steve Miller, DL141 Trustee, USAir Committee Chair, USAir Negotiations Committee
Mike D’India, Recording Secretary Local 1726, S-UA Committee Chair
Steve Mader, AGC DL142
Jamie Wells, V.P. Local 1726, Political Affairs Local 1726, S-CO Shop Steward
Mike Bucci, President Local 1726, S-UA Shop Steward
Dominic Nese, Local 1726 Retiree Committee
Bob Bennett, Financial Secretary Local 1726, S-CO Chief Steward

September 11 Memorial

On September 11, 2013 at 10:00AM Local 1726 members will be observing the anniversary of the tragic events at the Logan Airport September 11 Memorial across from the Hyatt in the center of the airport. Please join us to offer remembrance for our brother and sister that were lost on that tragic day.
“On this day, all of us in the United States mourn. We have lost a glimpse of our golden future, the American dream forever changed.

We have lost treasured daughters and treasured sons, but we do not despair, and I hope we can all find comfort in the words of Micah 7:8,

‘…when I fall, I shall rise. When I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto me.’

Today, as we remember those lost, I ask you to join us in a moment of silence.”

– Michael Bucci, President Local 1726-IAMAW

UAL Update 9/6/2013


Rich Delaney, 06 September 2013: Download
United Airlines Negotiations
Negotiations between District 141 and United Airlines continued this week. Unfortunately, despite the progress we were able to make on some issues, a full and complete tentative agreement was not attainable. The issues that our members have said are the most important to them are proving to be the most difficult to resolve with the company. The goal of wage improvement, secure jobs, and benefits that truly are beneficial and affordable must be reached before a second agreement can be made. Your negotiating team believes that an agreement can ultimately be reached that does address members’ issues, but we are not willing to stop short of exhausting every option and argument in order to finish these negotiations on anyone else’s timetable. Continue reading “UAL Update 9/6/2013”

District 141 EAP Info


HELPING HANDS: September, 2013
The DL141 EAP (Employee Assistance Program) Newsletter: Download
Eating to Fight Stress
Excerpts from: LifeTimes: Your Guide to Lifelong Health Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois.
Finding Foods That Won’t Stress You Out
Stress can lead to emotional eating. Anger, anxiety and even boredom can lead to overeating. Some people also use food as a reward to get them through a stressful situation. When stressed, many people choose foods that are lower in nutritional value.
Learning not to give into mindless eating may help you halt overeating and other unhealthy eating habits. If you know you’re a stress eater, keep your kitchen stocked with healthy snacks so you’ll be less tempted by unhealthy comfort foods.
In times of stress, certain foods may make you feel worse. For example, caffeine and alcohol can give your body and mind real highs and lows. In addition – those sugary snacks you crave can cause your blood sugar to spike and then fall quickly, causing your energy level to go down.
During stressful time limit your intake of the following:
Caffeinated beverages: Caffeine can cause anxiety and raise stress hormone levels and may interrupt your ability to sleep. If you feel you need some daily caffeine, consider switching to green tea.
Sugar: Sugar causes blood sugar levels to rise, which can rob your adrenal glands of the ability to control stress hormones. Continue reading “District 141 EAP Info”