Letter From the President of Local 1726

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
As you are aware, the preliminary election for Mayor of Boston is scheduled for Tuesday September 24th. In a previous communication we informed you that our union has endorsed Martin Walsh based on his background as a union member and officer, as well as his tremendous record for working families as our champion on Beacon Hill as a member of the State House of Representatives.
As the campaign enters the final few weeks Martin Walsh has emerged as a leading contender and some people don’t like it. The Boston media and the business community are up in arms over the chance that a union member could be the next Mayor of Boston. They are making a huge issue about the support Martin Walsh is receiving from organized labor but have little or nothing to say about the business interests, school reformers and attorneys who are all backing various candidates in the race.

At the same time they’ve ignored his many contributions to working men and women in this city. From his support for raising the minimum wage, to guaranteeing PLAs and prevailing wages on our largest building projects, to his commitment to protecting good jobs, there is no question that Marty Walsh will watch out for Boston workers.

This isn’t right and it isn’t fair. Turnout is expected to be low in the September 24th election. You and your families’ votes will decide the election, not the newspaper columnists and business leaders who live in Boston’s upscale suburbs.

We have a real opportunity to elect a working family champion as mayor of Boston. How you vote is a personal decision, but we urge you to turn out to vote and to consider Martin Walsh, who will put the interests of Boston’s working families first.

In Solidarity,

Mike Bucci
President IAMAW Local Lodge 1726

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