Monthly Meetings Info 10/8/2013

Just as a reminder, there are two monthly meetings as follows;

2nd Tuesday of each month at 2:00PM
4th Tuesday of each month at 10:00AM

Everyone must sign in the book prior to the meeting beginning. Once the meeting starts the sign-in book will be removed. Late attendees may attend but will not get credit for the meeting.

In order to be eligible to attend conferences, conventions, and hold elected positions etc. (refer to Local 1726 bylaws) you must have credit for 50% of the meetings that have a quorum.

If you are working, on vacation or have a verified illness you may be excused for the meeting and get credit if you submit a letter to the Recording Secretary within 10 days of the meeting. Acceptable method of communication is US Mail, email, and in person.

The bylaws for the Local are on the website under the heading “BYLAWS”

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