Dues Increase Information 11/26/2013

As per the International Constitution, dues per-capita tax increases are based on a percentage increase of the CPI, at the beginning of each year. The District increases are based on a percentage of the GL rates.

The dues increases are set by the individual Locals. Each Local takes the PCT set by the GL & DL and then the amount needed to operate the Local. This year the total dues increase from the GL & DL is set at $0.57.

As discussed during the Monthly Meetings, Local 1726 is going to absorb the dues increase for 2014, and not pass the increase to the membership.

This is possible because the support the Officers received from the members of this Local. We we able to take many cost-saving measures throughout the year, and put the Local on the right track.

We appreciate the members support throughout the year and look forward to a positive 2014.


The Principal Officers of Local 1726

Rich Delaney USAIR Update 11/12/2013

Rich Delaney, 12 November , 2013:
US Airways Update:
US Airways and American Airlines announced their settlement with the
Department of Justice and the Attorneys General of several states that was
preventing the planned merger of the two airlines from going forward.
Today’s announcement clears the way for the final approvals of the merger
mainly the bankruptcy court, with a final determination expected in De- cember, 2013.
The settlement with the government agencies includes the loss of depar- tures in LGA and DCA and the loss of gates at BOS, ORD, LAX, DAL, and
MIA. The company announcement acknowledged that this agreement may
cause disruption of employment in some stations but they have commit- ted that opportunities in other stations would be provided to any effected
This announcement does not change but rather emphasizes the position
of the IAM. We believe that the most important element of a successful
merger is solid, positive labor relations; which can only be achieved by
negotiating progressive contracts. As we reenter negotiations next week
with US Airways our position will be just that – Contract Now.