Rich Delaney Update 11/10/2013


Rich Delaney, 10 November 2013: Download
Discussions were held this past week with United over several issues relating to our newly ratified agreement. Enacting of changed provisions of our contracts, seniority integration, and next steps necessary to bring all IAM members under ratified agreements were the subjects. Continuous conversations have been held to insure that everything is being done to correctly pay and distribute the required retroactive/signing bonus payment in the timely manner the contract calls for. The IAM is working with United representatives to review the original list of eligibles, and the amount each person is owed, to make sure that it is accurate. We have found that some names are appearing on the list that should be removed while eligible members’ names have been left off the list and need to be included. Continue reading “Rich Delaney Update 11/10/2013”