United Update 12/3/13 From Rich Delaney

Line Station Bidding

United Airlines has begun the process for line station s-UA agents to select their permanent classification and work area – either above the wing or below the wing. This required selection is a part of the recently ratified agreement brought about by the company’s demand to stop the historic practice of cross utilization of agents in line stations at s-UA and continue their business plan of single assignment classifications as has been established at s-CO and s-CMI. The classification selection process provides an orderly way for current employees to remain employed in their stations.

Members in line stations will begin the selection bidding next week, December 9th. In advance of that date, members will be given the exact number of lines to be bid in both the ATW and BTW classifications. An “open” bid process will be used in which each agent will be able to see the selections of more senior agents and the remaining lines in each classification before being required to select. This selection process will not reduce the headcount of the station nor disrupt the work status of current agents.

Although work area assignments will not change right away, the effect of the selection will be recognized on December 11th. That means that any transference of seniority (CSR’s opting for Ramp service lines will have their PCE seniority integrated into the RSM seniority list) will be effective on 12/11/13 and the two year right to fill vacancies or displace as a result of a reduction in force in the PCE classification will also begin on that date.

After this procedure is complete and seniority is integrated – December 11, 2013 – any reduction in force will be managed in accordance with the current agreement seniority provisions using the integrated seniority list determined by arbitrator Javits.

Ramp Service Early Out Option

United has agreed to extend offers of Early Out to Ramp service employees that have previously signed up for participation at the $25,000.00 level of the recently closed Early Out program. Members who no longer wish to participate in the program at that level will have an opportunity to remove themselves from consideration. More information will be forthcoming from United in the next few days.

These, and other optional programs, are being considered and offered to IAM members in an effort to reduce the need for involuntary furloughs as the company modifies and reduces their operation, both seasonally and long term.

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