UAL BOS Announces Reductions 12/16/2013

Today UAL management in BOS announced the reduction of 23 full time BTW employees to part time status. This news was expected since the CEO of United Airlines was repining that a half billion in profit for a quarter was disappointing.

When did a 590 million dollar profit become so disappointing that it would predicate base-line employee reductions to be announced less than 10 days prior to the Holidays. This clearly demonstrates the lack of human compassion by upper UAL management.

The reductions are expected to take place by February 9, 2014. In the meantime there are options available that may reduce the number of those affected as identified in the letter put out by the Company a week prior. Any participation should reduce the reductions by an equal amount. I stress should! The information received by management has been less than reliable. The UAL Committee will be following the information closely and will communicate any new information to the members.

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