2015 Dues Rate for Local 1726

During November’s Monthly Meeting the Executive Board recommended that the Local absorb the $1.39 per member dues increase that is scheduled for 2015.  The members present at the meeting voted unanimously to accept the Executive Board’s recommendation.

The dues rate for Local 1726 Members will remain at $60.70 for 2015.

The dues increase for the IAM is based on a formula of the economic indexes, and is automatic every year.  Each District increases percentage of that automatically as well.  It is up to the Local to set the dues rate for the Members in that Local.  The International and Districts receive the increase regardless, and the Local absorbs the increase for the Members.  The Local absorbed the increase for 2014 which was approximately $0.78 and $1.39 for 2015.  This means that the Local is getting $2.17 less per member to run the Local.

The Executive Board has been committed to reduce costs for the Local and to provide increased levels of training for the Membership.  In 2014 we had Steward training classes (2) for all the affiliated airlines at the Local, and sent a number of members to the Winpinsinger Training facility in MD, as well as to various conferences and conventions.

It is our commitment to continue with our goals even with the decreased income the Local is receiving.  We believe it is the right thing to do for the Membership.


Thank you for your continued support.


The Executive Board of Local 1726