ARTICLE I
Name and Time of Meeting

Section 1. This Lodge shall be known as Air Transport Lodge No. 1726, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, Frank V. Celona Building.

Section 2. Meetings shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month at 2:00 P.M. and the fourth Tuesday at 7:15 A.M. at the place selected by the Lodge, except when the meeting night falls on a legal holiday, said changes shall be set at a previous meeting. Meeting notices shall be posted one (1) week in advance of the meeting date and time. Meetings shall not continue over two and one half (2 1/2) hours, when the meeting shall adjourn, unless voted on, and approved by a majority vote of those present.
There will be a minimum of ten (10) months of meetings scheduled per year, with July and August being optional if approved by a majority vote of members present at a regular meeting between the months of April and June.

Section 3. Ten (10) members shall constitute a quorum at a regular meeting.

Section 4. Special meetings shall be called by the President in accordance with the IAM Constitution.

(a) Twenty-five (25) members shall constitute a quorum for a special meeting.

(b) Members shall be notified by shop bulletin, U.S. mail or otherwise, at least forty-eight (48) hours before a special meeting is to be held.

(c) No other business shall be transacted at a special meeting than that for which the meeting has been called.

Section 5. Minutes shall be kept of all official meetings in the record book to be provided by the Lodge.

                                                                            ARTICLE II


Section 1. Any person within the jurisdiction of the IAM is entitled to membership in Lodge No. 1726, IAM upon acceptance by the membership of the Lodge. Such persons may be admitted to membership in Lodge No. 1726 upon making application and payment of the required fee and the acceptance of said application by the membership of said Lodge.

Section 2. Provision for dispensation of initiation and reinstatement fees during membership drives may be had after being approved by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of those members present and voting at a regular or special meeting of the Lodge, after five (5) days’ notice as per the IAM Constitution. Dispensation shall be requested in accordance with the IAM Constitution.

Section 3. All applications for membership in this Lodge must be accompanied by the full initiation or reinstatement fee when presented to the Lodge for approval.


                                                                              ARTICLE III


Section 1. The officers of this Local Lodge, their selection, duties, qualifications and responsibilities and rules regulating them shall be in accordance with provisions of the IAM Constitution. No member shall be eligible for office who has not been a member of the IAM Local Lodge No. 1726 for a period of at least one (1) year, and who has not worked actively at the trade for the year next preceding the nomination. This shall include any elective position on the ballot. All attendance records shall be kept by the Recording Secretary.

(a) No member shall be eligible to the offices of President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Conductor-Sentinel, Trustees and members of the local (Grievance Committee), delegates or conference attendees who have not attended fifty per cent (50%) of the regular lodge meetings held during the 12 month period ending the date of close of nominations. Members, whom are confined because of verified illness or on vacation, or on official IAM business approved by the Local Lodge, District Lodge or Grand Lodge, or working for an employer on regular or travel assignment, or military leave, at the time the Local Lodge regular meeting is held, shall be excused from attending Local Lodge regular meetings. The request for this excused qualification must be delivered in person, or by official government mail, or by
email to the Recording Secretary of the Local Lodge not later than three (3) hours prior to the regular meeting.

Section 2. Nominations may be made from the floor or in writing to the Recording Secretary by a member in good standing. Members may nominate themselves in person. Written nominations must be received by the Recording Secretary by the end of the meeting that nominations are held.

(a) The Lodge will decide at the time of nominations as to the eligibility of all nominees in accordance with the provisions of the IAM Constitution, the District bylaws and the bylaws of this Lodge, and all nominees shall be so notified by U.S. mail by the Recording Secretary. Nominees must confirm acceptance of the nominated position within four (4) days of close of the nomination meeting. If any nominees are ruled ineligible, the notices to them will cite those provisions under which they are ruled ineligible.

(b) No member shall hold more than one (1) office as per the IAM Constitution.

(c) Members will be notified by mail not less than 60 days prior to the election of the time and date when both the nominations and elections will be held, in accordance with the IAMAW Constitution.

Section 3. Nominations of officers will be held at the first regular meeting in September of election year. The Recording Secretary shall prepare a suitable ballot after the first meeting in September and shall have ballots ready for the members to vote at the first meeting in October following nominations. Polls will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on election day. Candidates who receive the highest number of votes for their respective offices shall be declared elected.

Section 4. All Officers, employees or other individuals in this Local Lodge who are responsible for, or handle funds of or for the Local Lodge, shall be bonded in accordance with the IAM Constitution and the IAM Policy relating thereto.

Section 5. Compensation of the Officers and Committeemen shall be as follows:
President – $150.00 per month
Vice President – $100.00 per month
Recording Secretary – $150.00 per month
Financial Secretary – $200.00 per month

Section 6. The installation of Officers shall take place at the first regular meeting in the Local Lodge held in the month of January following election, after the report of the Auditing Committee. The ceremony of installation shall be conducted by the Past President, or in his absence, the Vice President.

Section 7. In the event any officer of this Lodge absents himself from three (3) consecutive, regular meetings without being excused therefor, and if there is no controversy as to the refusal to excuse being proper, such officer shall be deemed to have resigned his office. The vacancy shall be filled by appointment by the presiding officer on a pro tem basis for that period reasonably required to bring about the nomination and election of a successor.

All other vacancies of office between annual elections covering Officers, Executive Board members and Delegates shall be filled by temporary appointment by the President of the Lodge with the approval of the Executive Board. Such temporary appointments shall be for such period as is reasonably required to bring about the election of a successor in accordance with the provisions of these bylaws and the IAM Constitution.

Should such officer contend the refusal to excuse him for such absence is improper, the presiding officer shall prefer charges against him, charging conduct unbecoming an officer on the basis of his absence without excuse found acceptable to the Lodge, and he shall be tried in accordance with applicable provisions of the IAM Constitution.

Section 8. All Officers of the Lodge, at the expiration of their term of office, or in case of removal or resignation, shall turn over to their successor in office, all books, papers, vouchers, funds or other property belonging to the Lodge within three (3) days of the time of their termination date. A written report of the items and their value will be submitted to the Board of Trustees upon termination.

Section 9. Tellers for all elections shall be selected according to the IAM Constitution. Tellers shall receive $40.00 and meal expense if incurred. They shall be paid for actual time lost.

Section 10. All balloting shall take place at the Local Lodge building 830 Saratoga St., East, Boston, Massachusetts 02128 (exception) members stationed at Airports in Manchester, New Hampshire, Providence, Rhode Island, Portland, Maine, Hartford, Connecticut, Burlington, Vermont. Because of their geographic location will be allowed to vote in their respective city and state as well as absentee ballots (when permitted). Balloting locations will be determined by Local Lodge prior to each vote.

                                                                        ARTICLE IV

                                                                 Election of Delegates

Section 1. Election of Delegates or alternates to the Grand Lodge convention shall be held in May of convention years in accordance with the IAM Constitution.

Section 2. A majority of all votes cast will be required to elect all delegates to Grand Lodge and District Lodge conventions or any other Body with which this Lodge may affiliate.

Delegates must have attended at least one (1) meeting in a two (2) month period and in no event less than six (6) Lodge meetings in the previous twelve (12) months from the time of nominations of delegate or delegates.

All delegates to any convention may be instructed in writing by the membership at a meeting prior to the convention.

The President shall be first delegate to all conventions, conferences and council meetings except the Grand Lodge Convention.

Section 3. Delegates elected as Representatives by this Lodge and members who are on official union business out of town, shall be allowed actual and necessary transportation, hotel expenses (single occupancy) and subsistence per diem, not to be exceeded, or less than, the US Government allowance for the specific city, plus any loss of wages incurred while on such business and during travel to and back.

A member using his own auto, when required, shall be reimbursed at the rate allowed and given by the U.S. Government for travel per mile.
Any delegate so paid shall submit an itemized account of his expenditures to the Local Lodge for approval with the exception of allowed expenses covered by Section 3, paragraph 1.

Exception: No regular day off shall be considered a loss of time for which the member is entitled to any reimbursement for loss of wages incurred.

Delegates shall submit an oral or written report of the activities covered at the convention he attended.
Delegates from this Lodge to local functions will be allowed $20.00 per diem as expenses.

Members on official lost time for local shall be compensated for loss of contractual retirement benefits.

Any member who attends IAM Leadership School, Conferences, Training or other functions at Placid Harbor Center will be entitled to an incidental expense allowance of $25.00 in lieu of the per diem allowance.


                                                                       ARTICLE V

                                                              The Executive Board

Section 1. The Executive Board of this Lodge shall be composed of the President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Conductor Sentinel and three (3) Trustees all of whom shall be nominated and elected at the same time and in the same manner as the Local Lodge Officers. The term of office for all Officers shall be in accordance with the provisions of these bylaws and the IAM Constitution.

The Executive Board shall elect its Chairman and shall meet preceding the second Tuesday of each month to consider the problems and issues of the membership of the Lodge, and shall submit its recommendations to the Lodge at the next following meeting.

Section 2. Five (5) members shall constitute a quorum for Executive Board meetings.

Section 3. The Executive Board shall keep a record of its proceedings and conduct its business according to the IAM Constitution, the District bylaws and these Local bylaws. The minutes of the Local Lodge Executive Board meetings shall be included verbatim in the minutes of the monthly Local Lodge meetings.

Section 4. The Executive Board shall meet at least once a month to transact any business referred to it by this Lodge. The Chairman and the Secretary of the Executive Board may call a special meeting by notifying all members of the Board.

Section 5. It shall be its duty to deliberate upon all matters referred to it by this Lodge, and may recommend on other matters coming to its attention for the good and welfare of this Lodge, and as soon as possible thereafter, through its Chairman, report to the Lodge its recommendations in writing.

Section 6. The Executive Board shall elect its own Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary.

Section 7. The office of Conductor and Sentinel shall become one (1) office.



                                                            Fees, Special Levies and Dues

Section 1. (a) The initiation fee and reinstatement fee shall be $150.00.

Section 2. Unemployment stamps and strike stamps shall be issued in ac-cordance with the provisions of the IAM Constitution.

In all cases where a member is out of work because of an extended illness, or injury of sixty (60) days duration or more, the Lodge when notified in writing by the member, will issue and absorb the cost of unemployment stamps until the aforesaid member is back at work. This will not be reimbursable by the member.

Section 3. Special levies shall be levied in accordance with the IAM Con-stitution.

Section 4. The monthly dues of this Lodge shall be a uniform rate based on the Grand Lodge per capita rate, the highest of the applicable District Lodge per capita rates, plus 21% of the total of the Grand Lodge and highest applicable District Lodge rates.
Any future increases in IAM per capita tax shall increase these dues by an equal rate if approved by the Local Executive Board; otherwise the Local will absorb the increase.


                                                                              ARTICLE VII


Section 1. The funds and all other property shall remain with the Lodge for its legitimate purposes and use, so long as chartered by the Grand Lodge. If and when the Grand Lodge withdraws the Charter, the funds and other property of the Lodge will revert to the Grand Lodge.

Section 2. The General Funds of this Lodge can be drawn only by a majority vote at a regular meeting, upon an order drawn by the Recording Secretary, sealed and countersigned by the President and in his absence the Vice President. The money in all cases to be drawn by the Treasurer.

(a) All bills shall be read to the Lodge and approved by majority vote before payment is made.

(b) Exception being granted for the payment of Grand Lodge and District Lodge per capita tax and lost time reimbursement, which may be paid without prior approval, subject to itemized accounting and approval at the next following meeting.

Section 4. All lost time will be based on the actual time card rate, plus shift differential.

Section 5. Any member on Local Lodge business assigned duty while at his/her home domicile and not on per diem shall receive $20.00 per day meal allowance.


                                                                          ARTICLE VIII

                                                              Committees and Positions

Section 1. An Auditing Committee of three (3) shall be elected in accordance with the IAM Constitution. The Auditors will be nominated and elected at the same time the Local Lodge Officer elections are held and for the same term of office. The elected Auditors shall each receive $20.00 for each audit he or she conducts. In the absence of an Auditor, a Trustee shall substitute, and receive the audit fee. If an audit is conducted and completed on lost time, no audit fee shall be paid.

Section 2. The Finance Committee shall consist of the three (3) Trustees. It shall be their duty to function as set forth in the IAM Constitution.

Section 3. A Membership Assistance Committee shall be appointed by the President. This Committee shall make recommendations to the Lodge concerning cases of members in need of assistance. It shall consist of three (3) members.

Section 4. Bylaws Committee: A Bylaws Committee of three (3) members shall be appointed at the first regular meeting in January of each year. It shall be the duty of this Committee to study all suggested changes or additions proposed to the Local Lodge bylaws and report their recommendations to the Lodge for action as soon as expedient. The interim in no case to exceed three (3) months.

Section 5. Shop Committee: A Chief Steward may be elected annually from the newly elected Steward Group. He shall be qualified by one (1) year of previous Steward’s experience or equivalent experience.

Section 6. All Shop Committees shall be governed by the bylaws of Local No. 1726, the District bylaws and the IAM Constitution.

Section 7. Should a vacancy occur, it shall be filled immediately by appointment of a Steward, by the President, for the unexpired term, subject to confirmation by the Group or Shop involved.

Section 8. (a) Dues books/cards will be handled in a manner consistent with the Grand Lodge Constitution and District Lodge Bylaws.

(b) Members shall notify the Financial Secretary of any change of address, in writing. Failure to do so will be no excuse for not receiving notice of delinquencies, fines, dues, special levies and elections or any other Union notices.

Section 9. If a Shop Steward is absent from three (3) consecutive Stewards’ meetings, the President shall report his absence for action by the Lodge.

Section 10. (a) All Committee Members will have a three year term with the election cycle to be the same as the elections for Local Lodge Officers starting in the year 2015. Term will begin in January of 2016. Committee positions available are: Committee Chair, Committee Secretary, and Committee Person. Each shop can determine the positions in their respective locations.

The Chairman of the Grievance Committee will have a three year term with the election cycle to be the same as the elections for Local Lodge Officers starting in the year 2018. Term will begin in January 2019. The two (2) year election cycle will remain in place for 2016 for the term beginning in January 2017.

All members to be eligible to be elected to these Committees must comply with Article 3, Section 1 of these Bylaws for attendance at meetings.

(b) Absentee ballots for Grievance Committee/Chairman will follow the same guidelines as the Local Lodge officer Election, by procedure set forth in the IAM Constitution.

Section 11. Safety Committee: The affiliated groups will select a Safety Committee of at least three (3) members in accordance with the terms of their agreement to safeguard working conditions in the various companies.

Section 12. The President shall appoint a webmaster for “”. The webmaster shall be responsible maintaining the site and posting updates with information pertaining to the Local, Districts, and Grand Lodge. For the faithful performance of his/her duties he/she shall receive a salary of $100.00 per month.
Section 13. The Lodge President shall appoint members to serve on any additional committee that he deems necessary to serve the needs of the membership.


                                                                Duties of the Local Lodge

Section 1. The duties of this Local Lodge shall be in accordance with the IAM Constitution.


                                                                            ARTICLE X

                                                                    Duties of Members

Section 1. Attention is hereby directed to the IAM Constitution.

Section 2. Members are expected to work harmoniously together and not try to gain credit by the discrediting of another member in any way. It shall be their duty to present their dues books to the Shop Committee for inspection when requested to do so, and to assist the Shop Committee and District in carrying out the laws of this Association.

Section 3. Any member entering the Lodge room while under the influence of liquor or who shall use indecent or profane language or who persistently disturbs the meetings and refuses to obey the presiding officer shall be immediately ejected from the room and shall be liable to reprimand or fine at the option of the Lodge in accordance with the IAM Constitution.

Section 4. No member of this Lodge shall make any agreement with his employer in violation of the provisions of the contract in effect.

Section 5. Any member agreeing to serve on a committee and not performing the duties incumbent upon him as a member of such committee, shall be fined the sum of $1.00 unless a satisfactory excuse is submitted and accepted by the Lodge. Members serving on committees and losing time in such service shall submit an itemized statement of the lost time incurred to the Local Lodge.


                                                                       ARTICLE XI


Section 1. No speaking in the interests of partisan politics shall be permitted in the Lodge room until the Lodge has adjourned.



Section 1. Any increase in the amount of initiation and reinstatement fees, Emergency Funds, and Local Lodge dues must be handled on the basis of the procedures specified in the IAM Constitution.

Any other amendments to these bylaws must be handled on the basis of the following procedures:

(a) All proposals must be in writing, no later than March 31, signed by not less than five (5) members, and referred to a Bylaws Committee appointed by the President.

(b) Must be read as proposed at two (2) consecutive meetings in May and June. Immediately following the second reading, the Bylaws Committee shall submit their recommendations.

(c) Reasonable advance notice must be given to the membership of the time, date and place of the second reading, and vote to be taken on the Bylaws Committee’s recommendations.

(d) Each proposal must be considered and voted upon sepa-rately. A majority affirmative vote by those present and voting is needed for adoption.

(e) Triplicate copies of approved proposals, together with the master copy of bylaws shall be referred to the International President for approval and designation of an effective date.


                                                                         ARTICLE XIII

Section 1. Rules of Order shall be in accordance with the IAM Constitution, also the Order of Business.


                                                                           ARTICLE XIV

Section 1. Nothing in these bylaws shall be construed or applied in a manner that will conflict with the provisions of the IAM Constitution or District bylaws. All matters arising and not specifically covered by these bylaws shall be governed by the District bylaws and the IAM Constitution.

Section 2. These bylaws shall become effective immediately after adoption and approval by the International President of the IAM.


Section 1. The Strike Fund of Local 1726 shall be used in case of emergency. This Fund shall be used, only upon approval of three-fourths (3/4) vote of those members present and voting at a special meeting called in accordance with the provisions of the IAM Constitution.

This Strike Fund shall be supported by the monies remaining from initiation and reinstatement fees after deduction of Grand Lodge and District Lodge payments until this Fund reaches a maximum of $15,000.00.

Until such time that the Emergency Fund drops below the maximum amount of $10,000.00, the monies in excess will automatically be deposited in the Building Fund of Local Lodge 1726. If the Strike Fund at any time cannot be maintained to the maximum amount of $20,000.00 from initiation or reinstatement fees, the Lodge may increase the dues on all members for a special period of time, not to exceed one (1) year per the IAM Constitution.

No increase in dues will take effect until same has been approved by majority vote of the members attending a special called meeting.

Every member present at such meeting shall vote unless excused by the President, and those not voting shall be recorded as voting in favor of the increase in dues.

No salaries shall be paid as expenses out of this Emergency Fund or any other funds during a strike period.

Approved for on behalf of the
International President

Rickey Wallace


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