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HELPING HANDS: September, 2013
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Eating to Fight Stress
Excerpts from: LifeTimes: Your Guide to Lifelong Health Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois.
Finding Foods That Won’t Stress You Out
Stress can lead to emotional eating. Anger, anxiety and even boredom can lead to overeating. Some people also use food as a reward to get them through a stressful situation. When stressed, many people choose foods that are lower in nutritional value.
Learning not to give into mindless eating may help you halt overeating and other unhealthy eating habits. If you know you’re a stress eater, keep your kitchen stocked with healthy snacks so you’ll be less tempted by unhealthy comfort foods.
In times of stress, certain foods may make you feel worse. For example, caffeine and alcohol can give your body and mind real highs and lows. In addition – those sugary snacks you crave can cause your blood sugar to spike and then fall quickly, causing your energy level to go down.
During stressful time limit your intake of the following:
Caffeinated beverages: Caffeine can cause anxiety and raise stress hormone levels and may interrupt your ability to sleep. If you feel you need some daily caffeine, consider switching to green tea.
Sugar: Sugar causes blood sugar levels to rise, which can rob your adrenal glands of the ability to control stress hormones. Continue reading “District 141 EAP Info”

Southwest Negotiations Update 6/27/13

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June 27, 2013

Negotiations resumed the week of June 24, 2013 at Air Transport District Lodge 142 in Kansas City,MO.
The parties in attendance were as follows: Mike Ryan Vice President Labor Relations, Tammy Shaffer
Director Labor Relations CSS, Dan Kusek Senior Manager Labor Relations Ground Operations, Kevin
Minchey Attorney Legal Department, Cindy Nagle Senior Manager Labor Relations and Greg Thorsen
Senior Director Employee Benefits. Continue reading “Southwest Negotiations Update 6/27/13”