United Update 12/3/13 From Rich Delaney

Line Station Bidding

United Airlines has begun the process for line station s-UA agents to select their permanent classification and work area – either above the wing or below the wing. This required selection is a part of the recently ratified agreement brought about by the company’s demand to stop the historic practice of cross utilization of agents in line stations at s-UA and continue their business plan of single assignment classifications as has been established at s-CO and s-CMI. The classification selection process provides an orderly way for current employees to remain employed in their stations.

Members in line stations will begin the selection bidding next week, December 9th. In advance of that date, members will be given the exact number of lines to be bid in both the ATW and BTW classifications. An “open” bid process will be used in which each agent will be able to see the selections of more senior agents and the remaining lines in each classification before being required to select. This selection process will not reduce the headcount of the station nor disrupt the work status of current agents. Continue reading “United Update 12/3/13 From Rich Delaney”

UAL Update 12/1/13 From Rich Delaney

Rich Delaney, 01 December 2013: Download

District 141 representatives and United Airlines management have been meeting regularly over the past weeks to make sure the agreements we reached that led to a ratified contract are fully implemented as quickly as possible. We have tried to address issues in a priority order that benefits our members the most.

We have previously reported that the company has committed to issue the retroactive/signing bonus payment no later than December 16, 2013. There has been a lot of work done by both sides to make sure that the right people are getting the right amount of back pay and seniority credit for the signing bonus. We have completed that work and are on track to maintain the December 16th due date. The issue of revised or increased contributions to individual 401(k) accounts has been finalized also. Unless an individual employee changes their existing contribution rate, that percentage deduction will be made from the retroactive/signing bonus payment. If an individual wishes to increase or decrease their contribution they must do that through the fund managing their 401(k) accounts; that differs between s-UA and s-CO employees. Contact information for the funds is available through the company website.

It is anticipated that some members will question the accuracy of the retroactive pay calculation. A process is being finalized that will give those members the avenue to correct any possible errors. Members will need to have documentation, such as pay stubs, that can be used to verify earnings for any period of time in question. More information regarding the appeal process will be available within the next two weeks.

The application of the newly negotiated vacation rules has also been discussed. All provisions of the contract are considered to be in effect for 2014 vacations with 2 exceptions. One, the allocation of additional accrued weeks for some members is still in discussion. It has been determined to continue talks over this issue and proceed with the bidding process. Continue reading “UAL Update 12/1/13 From Rich Delaney”

UAL Seniority Protest Info

Protesting Seniority:
Seniority Integration Letter from Joshua Javits 11 October 2013: Download
The following is an excerpt from the letter, regarding how to protest your position on the seniority list:
“Seniority lists will issue on November 11, 2013. Afterwards, affected IAM members will have until December 11, 2013 to file any individual protests that they may have regarding their placement on the list. Protests must be made in writing and must clearly state the nature of the alleged error in the listed seniority date. Protests may be filed by mail or fax received by the December 11, 2013 deadline at the address and fax number of the Washington, D.C. law firm assigned to facilitate this process:
Joshua Javits, Neutral
c/o Guerrieri, Clayman, Bartos & Parcelli, P.C.
1900 M Street, NW, Suite 700
Washington, D.C. 20036
Facsimile: 202-624-7420
Protests sent by email will not be considered. I will decide all filed protests and issue final seniority lists making adjustments or corrections, if any, no later than January 15, 2013.”

Rich Delaney Update 11/10/2013


Rich Delaney, 10 November 2013: Download
Discussions were held this past week with United over several issues relating to our newly ratified agreement. Enacting of changed provisions of our contracts, seniority integration, and next steps necessary to bring all IAM members under ratified agreements were the subjects. Continuous conversations have been held to insure that everything is being done to correctly pay and distribute the required retroactive/signing bonus payment in the timely manner the contract calls for. The IAM is working with United representatives to review the original list of eligibles, and the amount each person is owed, to make sure that it is accurate. We have found that some names are appearing on the list that should be removed while eligible members’ names have been left off the list and need to be included. Continue reading “Rich Delaney Update 11/10/2013”

All Contracts Ratified 10/30/2013


Rich Delaney, 29 October 2013: Download
District 141 members, employed by United Airlines, have ratified their tentative agreement with the airline in significant numbers. Voting took place yesterday, October 28, 2013, across the entire United system, from New York to Guam and from Seattle to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Members in Customer Service, Reservations, Ramp Service, and Storekeeper work classifications participated in the vote with over 65% participation.
The four year struggle to reach an agreement with United has been historic and difficult. Negotiations began in 2009 as the carrier was reemerging from the longest bankruptcy in American history at the time. Throughout the negotiation process our members faced an ever changing environment that challenged their solidarity and threatened their security. Our members faced the challenge of merger and consolidation during this period in the way that Union members before them have; through open and honest debate in union halls and work areas across the country and we have reached the conclusion together.
The agreements that have been ratified today have the support and endorsement of over 70% of the voting members. This level of support could not have been reached without an engaged membership that honestly and seriously evaluated the changes in their contracts and chose to participate in this ratification process.
We thank all members that took the time and effort to voice their opinion, through their vote. We can now move forward to implement the positive changes this agreement brings – long awaited wage improvements, meaningful job protections, increased quality of life benefits, and the commitment of a secure retirement with dignity.