USAir Ratifies New Contract

USAir Ratifies


Congratulations to our Brothers and Sisters at USAir.



USAIR Update 3/30/14

US Airways members from both Districts 141 and 142 took our message of the need for contracts for all USAir IAM members directly to the flying public this past week. Members in CLT, PHL, BOS, PHX, and DEN walked together and handbilled passengers informing them of our frustration with the company’s failure to negotiate fair agreements for Fleet Service, Maintenance and Related, and Instructor employees of the airline. Passengers were asked to contact Doug Parker directly and urge him to settle these contracts before any disruption in service would occur. We are waiting for a response from the National Mediation Board to our continuing request for a release from mediation and the establishing of a 30 day countdown period to bring these talks to a conclusion. Continue reading “USAIR Update 3/30/14”

USAir Update

US Airways Negotiations at Impasse
February 7, 2014                      

After months of face to face negotiations with US Airways, and after several meetings called by the Chairperson of the National Mediation Board (NMB), discussions have ended with no agreements in sight. Both IAM District 141 and 142 negotiating committees made very serious efforts to pare away issues that could be negotiated in the future while holding fast to the issues our respective membership(s) need and demand in order to reach agreements.

All of those efforts ended with US Airways management advising both the IAM and the NMB that they are not willing to come to fair agreements. US Airways demands the US Airways employees enter a merger with American Airlines with second class contracts.That is simply unacceptable.

The IAM has restated to the NMB that it is time to move the process to the next step, which is to make a  a proffer of arbitration to both parties. The Machinists Union will reject that proffer, triggering a  30 day cooling off period, at the end of which IAM members can legally strike the airline.

To the membership everywhere: Begin to prepare yourselves for a fight that could lead to a strike on US Airways, if necessary.

US Airways has tried since the inception of the US Airways – American Airlines merger process to divide the employees of both carriers by making offers and negotiating contracts with American’s employees through their unions, while ignoring their own IAM represented employees.

We will not enter our partnership with the American TWU represented employees as a group divided. We will fight whatever battle we face to enter our partnership and the merger between our airlines on equal footing.

Your General Chairs will be visiting your work locations in the coming days and weeks to answer your questions and help you prepare for the action necessary to achieve the contract you deserve.

Stay strong and stay united!


Rich Delaney USAIR Update 11/12/2013

Rich Delaney, 12 November , 2013:
US Airways Update:
US Airways and American Airlines announced their settlement with the
Department of Justice and the Attorneys General of several states that was
preventing the planned merger of the two airlines from going forward.
Today’s announcement clears the way for the final approvals of the merger
mainly the bankruptcy court, with a final determination expected in De- cember, 2013.
The settlement with the government agencies includes the loss of depar- tures in LGA and DCA and the loss of gates at BOS, ORD, LAX, DAL, and
MIA. The company announcement acknowledged that this agreement may
cause disruption of employment in some stations but they have commit- ted that opportunities in other stations would be provided to any effected
This announcement does not change but rather emphasizes the position
of the IAM. We believe that the most important element of a successful
merger is solid, positive labor relations; which can only be achieved by
negotiating progressive contracts. As we reenter negotiations next week
with US Airways our position will be just that – Contract Now.