Local 1726 Bylaw Update

The proposed Bylaw changes for Local 1726 has been submitted to the International President for review and approval. The I.P. ensures that the proposed Bylaw changes are Constitutional, and then sends back an official copy. Then we can implement some of the changes we were hoping for.

On the top of the list is the change of the meeting times. I suspect no later than September, the afternoon meeting on the second Tuesday of the month will be at 2:00PM and the morning meeting on the fourth Tuesday of the month will be at 10:00AM. The time changes are more conducive to members work schedules and hopefully will allow more members to attend one of the scheduled Monthly Meetings.

This was a long process that started in February and the Bylaw Committee put in a lot of time and thought to comprehensively update the Local’s Bylaws.

New Bylaw Proposals

The Local 1726 Bylaw Committee has met on numerous occasions and has drafted new bylaw proposals. The process requires the proposed bylaw changes be read during the May monthly meeting, again in June, and then have the recommendations of the Bylaw Committee put to the floor for a vote.

One of the more important changes is to amend the first Monthly Meeting time from 1630 to 1400 on the second Tuesday of the Month. This will be more conducive to members schedules and increase attendance at the meetings.

Please do your best to attend the May and June meetings on the second Tuesday of each month to ensure this and other important issues are addressed.

Thank You,
1726 Bylaw Committee

4/17/2013 Upcoming Monthly Meetings

I urge members to attend the monthly meetings in May and June. In May we will be reading the proposed bylaw changes and nominating Delegates for the DL141 Convention. In June we will have the second reading of the bylaw proposal and a subsequent vote on the bylaw proposals.

These are important issues for the Local and I urge everyone to attend.

Bob Bennett/Financial Secretary LL1726

Local 1726 Bylaw Proposals

1726 Bylaws

The Officers of Local 1726 are in the process of amending the Bylaws.
All bylaw proposals from the membership must be in writing, no later than
March 31, 2013, signed by not less than 5 members and referred to a Bylaws Committee
appointed by the President.

A posting will be placed in all designated Union Bulletin Boards, and submission forms will be made available. A link to the current bylaws is above.